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Rocco George is a unique character actor, puppet maker, and puppeteer who starred in numerous horror, comedy, and experimental films. Known for having chameleon like skills Rocco utilizes an endless variety of his own personalities, and voices to bring life to his characters, and puppets. He also writes and directs his own colorful films. Rocco George was born in Tucson, Arizona to a Mexican Mother and an Italian Father. This cultural blending, along with many extraordinary life experiences, shaped Rocco into the diverse actor he is today. During the grunge movement of the early 90's Rocco ran away from the desert to become an artist, and writer in Portland, Oregon. There he fell into acting and starred in several experimental, short horror films, in which he became known for playing multiple characters. As the 90's came to an end Rocco's acting career led him away from Portland. In 2001 Rocco was cast as the "Cheese Demon" in the short lived, stop motion animation kid's show The Phantom Investigators, that aired on the Warner Brothers Television Network. After stints in Los Angeles, and San Francisco he inevitably landed in New York City where he continues acting. In addition to playing profound characters Rocco is also designing, fabricating, and voicing fantastic puppet creations for several projects, including his own films, live comedy performances, and kid's puppet shows. Rocco plans on writing his memoirs, and a one man show that will include puppetry. 

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Got a puppet or prop that needs to be made specifically for your stage, or film production, and you're on a budget? No problem, Rocco George Presents is also a fabrication company  with  numerous film, and theatre projects on their resume. Just reach out through the  contact  page to get a consultation.

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